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Experiments in the realms of concept, micro, macro and spectrum photography. She creates generative graphics with computer programs. Studied Biology in Sofia University and took part in a Contemporary Photography master class. Participated in many exhibitions and events and won different competitions.

Venelina Savcheva

Focused in studying various techniques in the fields of photography, microscopy, graphic design and visualization methods through code. Studied Industrial Design in the National Academy of Arts - Sofia.

Andrey Katanski

Ratio Forum, Small worlds - audiovisual installation and photography with Augmented Reality, Sofia Tech Park, Sofia, Bulgaria
Radar Festival, Coalescence - multimedia performance, Varna, Bulgaria
Symbiartic, Science and Art, Sofia Tech park, Sofia, Bulgaria
Marsnik, part of the European Museum Night, French Institute, Photoconcept Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria
Charity exhibition “Look at that Photograph”, Gallery Project Lab, Sofia, Bulgaria
Exhibition Kosmodrum, One Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria
Surrealism in the banal, GIFTED, Sofia, Bulgaria
Symbiartic, Science and Art, Sofia Tech park, Sofia, Bulgaria
Marsnik - winner of “Forward to Mars”, presented in restaurant Cosmos, Sofia, Bulgaria
Aniversary exhibitions of Section 13, Union of Bulgarian Artists, Sofia, Bulgaria
Photo book competition "Photo model", International Photography Meetings, Plovdiv, Bulgaria
We Are Young… , Gallery Synthesis, Sofia, Bulgaria
Photography and Music, Gallery 2.0 and Photoconcept Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria


Another planet


Exploring the aesthetics of microscopic forms, processes, and interactions, Micronavt is a visual project consisting of two Bulgarian artists Venelina Savcheva and Andrey Katanski. A pure synthesis of art and science, their visual work consolidates an ongoing body of research experiments using organic material and an array of processing methods. Based on an early fascination with microscopy, the two of them acquired their first microscope setup over ten years ago and have since developed their discipline together as Micronavt. A calculated balance between aesthetics, design, biology, chemistry and the experimental unknown, their work celebrates the wonders of life through the observational lens of the detailed eye.

At once organic and with a touch of realism, yet at the same time seemingly generative and abstract, the rich visual material forms an elegant representation of the macro-micro cosmic universe. During the research stages the workspace becomes a laboratory, where they source ingredients and begin exploring their properties via mixing, dissolving, heating, melting, using a variety of tools, optics and gadgets. One is to then observe the processes taking place and capture the moments of interest as they unfold. With a vast selection of parameters, the testing framework sets the foundation for creativity to be expressed in a pure form, with little intervention or manipulation. A kaleidoscopic process that exposes the invisible and unveils the unique diversity of nature and its universe.

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